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Since 1992, Medco Associates, Inc. has assisted in medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability and criminal cases for both defense and plaintiff attorneys.

  • Nursing Initial Screening for Merit
    Susanna Neahusan, M.Ed, RN, our director, assists you to determine the merits of a case by reviewing reciords to identify cause of action, proximate cause and damages.
  • Medical Record Review and Opinion by Testifying Experts
    We identify the appropriate expert(s) for your case and refer you to our highly credentialed, testifying, medical expert witnesses for top-quality medical opinions. 
  • Medical Malpractice Case Support Services
    We provide timelines, summaries and research.  We suggest documents and policies & procedures to request for production, develop interrogatory and deposition questions.
  • Personal Injury Case Support
    We separate the injury from the unrelated medical in complex PI cases, provide research support. We interview treating physicians for issues, prognosis and future medical.
  • Mass Tort/Toxic Tort
    We develop database protocols to properly screen cases by identifying pertinent medical issues, coordinate data and evidence, work with physicians on emerging scientific reserach, and refer appropriate medical experts.

Medical Expert Witness Referral Services

  • Medco Associates, Inc. maintains a vast network of physicians, nurses and other healthcare expert witnesses in Texas and throughout the US. 
  • We have experts in every major medical specialty and sub-specialty.
  • All physicians are experienced, clinically active and board certified.
  • Our registered nurse experts possess advanced degrees and certifications. They are nursing leaders with excellent analytical and writing skills.
  • All experts witnesses agreee to testify.  They don't simply stop at the preliminary review.

Nursing Case Assessment and Consultation

An essential initial step in medical litigation is assessing the merits of the case. Susanna Neahusan, M.Ed, RN, our director, assists in determining case merit before the expense of an expert witness review. She has been a legal nurse consultant for eighteen years and has thirty two years of nursing experience in a variety of healthcare settings. .  She will:

      • identify the medical legal issues;
      • identify the strengths and weaknesses;
      • determine if the records are complete; and,
      • offer recommendations for next steps. 

With easy access to medical experts she can pose a few screening questions to them.  Therefore, the knowledge level at screening is not limited to hers alone.


"Dr. D came through for us -- everything we needed, and fast.  Thank you.  I shall continue to sing your praises."  John  Polewski & Associates

C. W. Corpus Christi,   "I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your analysis of the cases we sent you to screen and how easy it is to work with you.  I really value your input. "

“You helped us a lot on that case.”   J. Luke Dow, Austin attorney

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