Expert Review & Opinion

Determining the Most Appropriate Expert for Your Case

Some cases may appear to be straightforward and obvious but may actually contain complex medical–legal issues. Often attorneys are not aware of the myriad of medical sub–specialties involved in healthcare delivery. Within these sub–specialties may be additional areas of clinical expertise such as a specific type of procedure or area of knowledge. Other times there may be a need for an expert in a specific area of clinical research that may be the most knowledgeable about a certain disease process.

Determining the clinical aspects of the case and pairing it with the most appropriate expert will produce the strongest expert for your case. When there is a need for more than one expert then sequencing the expert reviews and combining areas of expertise may provide cost savings as well as a more logical approach to the case development.

Contact us early on to discuss your case before errors are made and before expert expenses are incurred. Early identification of your expert needs will start you on the correct path and prevent you from having to "make do" with a less than ideal legal argument or from omitting important aspects of the claim because a secondary expert was not named.

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