Expert Witness Referral

Are you ready to send out the records for medical expert review and opinion?  Let's discuss arrangements. We will ask some specific questions to determine the most appropriate expert.  Your case may be served best by a medical expert with a sub- specialty or a specific area of expertise.

We pre-screen our experts and have their contact information, rates and curriculum vitae (CV) on file.  However, we don't just give you contact information and expect you to track down the expert.  We give the potential expert an overview of the case issues, clear for conflicts of interest and ensure they can meet the required deadline.

Depending upon the location, area of expertise and time table there may be numerous potential experts available for your case.  Once the expert has been contacted by us and has agreed to review your case, we send you a copy of their current contact information, CV and rates.  You are free to interview them yourself or we can arrange a screening interview. Just let us know.

The Review Phase     Once the expert has been chosen we usually recommend a preliminary verbal report by the expert and will get an estimate.   If needed, we can negotiate the expert's fee for the preliminary reivew and retainer fees.    All fees are agreed upon by all parties before the review.

You send the records, films or discs directly to the expert.  Our expert referral is completed when the expert receives records from you.  This is the point that we invoice our $400 referral fee. 

You work directly with the expert - not through us.  We are always available to facilitate per your request. The expert gains a working relationship with you and your staff.  By the time of deposition or trial testimony the expert no longer associates your case with Medco Associates, Inc. 

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