Expert Review & Opinion

Initial Nurse Review & Consultation

If you have completed the initial interview with your client, and have some preliminary records this may be the best time for an initial nursing records screening and consultation.  You may wish to determine whether to even go to the expense of requesting additional records that may be quite costly.  Perhaps you want to know whether to accept the case before incurring the expense of a medical expert review.

An Initial Nurse Review and Consultation entails a medical–legal analysis of the records to determine case validity and to identify strengths and weaknesses of the potential case. Practice standards are applied to the situation and causal relationships are determined. We have access a network of medical experts who are willing to assist us behind the scenes for brief consultations on the standard of care and other clinical matters at no additional cost to you.

Another important step before sending out the records to a testifying expert is determining if the records are complete, what x–ray films may be needed and what additional questions may need to be asked of the client. We identify the medical fields implicated and offer a choice of testifying experts should the case merit further review.

Send us your records to screen before significant costs are incurred.