Our Clients

Our clients practice in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance defense, product liability.  Below is a list of our clients and some things they say about Medco Associates. 

An attorney in Kansas is an MD, JD. He says, "As I have told you in the past, I have never made a habit of using referral agents.  I'd just like to tell you that you are very different than my prior experiences and I  value our relationship.  Above all else, I appreciate you."

A. S. from Baton Rouge, LA., writes,  "By the way, Dr. W. gave us a great deposition Friday.  Super guy. Very impressive!!!"

B. L. from Waterbury, CT writes, "Hi! I hope you are doing well.  Dr. J. was a very good expert and a pleasure with whom to work.  Now I need a physical therapist... Can you help?"

  • David T Burkett & Associates P.C.
  • Bush Lewis, PLLC
  • Cappolino, Dodd &Krebs L.L.P.
  • The Carlson Law Office, PLLC
  • SL Chapman L.L.C.
  • The Clinesmith Firm
  • Demarest, Smith, Giunta & Howell
  • Dodge Fazio Anderson & Jones
  • Doyle, Restrepo, Harvin & Robbins
  • Luke Dow Law Firm
  • Dunn, Nutter & Morgan, L.L.P.
  • Fenley & Bate, LLP
  • Fiedler, Akin, Frank & Carlton, P.C.
  • Fleming Nolen& Jez, L.L.P.
  • Flynn, Francis & Clark, LLP
  • Fulbright and Jaworski L.L.P.
  • Steve O. Gonzalez, PLLC
  • Gwinn & Roby
  • Hagood, & Neumann L.L.P.
  • Henslee Schwartz, L.L.P.
  • Hunter & Beck
  • The Law Office of Greg Jackson
  • Jones, Navarro & Hintze, PC.
  • Kernan, Scully & McDonald, L.L.P.
  • Kuzmich Law Firm, P.C.
  • Lawlor, Winston, White & Murphey
  • Locke Lord LLP
  • Malish & Cowan, P.L.L.C.
  • Nick Maram & Associates, P.C.
  • Law Office of Avery McDaniel
  • Milner Law Firm
  • Moore Landrey L.L.P.
  • Mueller Law
  • The Meyerson Law Firm
  • Patchen & Harkins


  • Law Offices Of Richard Pena, P.C.Perdue Kidd, L.L.P.
  • Polewski and Associates
  • Powell & Leon L.L.P.
  • PowersTaylor LLP.
  • Price Ainsworth, P.C.
  • The Provost Umphrey Law Firm
  • Putonti, Escover & Rossick, P.C.
  • Sanders, O’Hanlon, & Motley
  • Sarnie Randle
  • Reaud, Morgan & Quinn, L.L.P.
  • Ernest (Skip) Reynolds III
  • Law Office of John O. Roark
  • The Rusk Law Firm, P.C.
  • Sarles & Ouimet, L.L.P.
  • Searcy & Gandy, P.C.
  • Shapiro and Shapiro, L.L.C.
  • Sico, White, Hoelscher & Braugh
  • Snapka Turman & Waterhouse LLP
  • Sutton & Jacobs, L.L.P.
  • Thomas, Feldman & Wilshusen
  • Thompson, Coe, Cousins & Irons
  • Thompson & Knight
  • Thornton, Biechlin, Segrato, Reynolds & Guerra
  • Tomblin Carnes McCormack,
  • Touchstone Bernays
  • Tucker & Associates
  • Watts Guerra, L.L.P.
  • Cage Wavell-attorney at Law
  • Wayne Wright, L.L.P.
  • Weiner, Glass & Reed, L.L.P.
  • Weller, Green, Toups & Terrell
  • Whitehurst & Cawley, L.L.P.

"You are our best kept secret! Since we won our case so definitively the attorney from the other side has asked several times how we secured such a strong expert. We are not telling!"
S. W. from NY, NY

K. L. from Beaumont, TX writes "I am e-mailing with another expert request because I have been really impressed with the experts I got from you for my most recent cases.  They have been very impressive and top notch."