Expert Review & Opinion

Preliminary Medical Expert Opinion

Depending upon your deadlines, we usually suggest that our expert provide you a preliminary medical expert review and verbal report. The results of this preliminary review help to guide the next steps in the case development.

Our medical expert will review the hospital records, office notes, operative notes, x–rays, lab reports, and other relevant documentation available on the case. A verbal report and consultation will be provided to the attorney by the expert explaining their opinion and the rationale for it. If the perspective is from the one claiming to be injured then the expert determines if proximate cause exists. Another essential determination is if the care documented was below the acceptable standard of care for that medical specialty.

The expert does not place anything in writing until it is specifically requested by the attorney. All of our experts agree to proceed beyond the verbal report to write reports and to testify if needed. Statutes and filing procedures vary from state to state. Written statements and formal reports vary as well. Our experts have experience in writing formal reports that include the essential components of an effective expert report. Naming the parties involved, stating whether there was a breach in standard of care and the causation statement are some of the components.

The preliminary expert opinion is crucial in determining how to proceed with the case and how to support the legal argument. The time required for this preliminary review is related to the volume and complexity of the records. We facilitate this review by having all parties agree upon the rates, deadlines and specific task at hand.

See Expert Referral for more details on how to proceed with a preliminary review.